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Established in 1988, Brighton Electronics, Inc. is a full service Sales, Marketing, and Technical Service Center. By providing unparalleled industry service and sales, we work with our customers to provide the items and service they demand. Founded on the basis of providing quality products and solutions, our name was quickly recognized by top companies in various industries.
Starting with our initial Product line of Analog Panel Meters (APM) and Digital Panel Meters (DPM), Brighton Electronics became one of the leading suppliers of Analog and Digital panel meters in the US. We offer diverse services and products to an ever growing and changing market. Our experienced engineering team works with our customers and manufacturing facility to produce high quality, reliable products that meet and exceed all our customers requirements. Over the years, we have expanded our line of products into other types of testing and measurement equipment to meet our customers supply and service needs, these include:
digital thermometers / pyrometers and temperature probes, infrared thermometers, digital multimeters, clamp meter, etc. Brighton Electronics’ line of test equipment offers customers accuracy and dependability at an economical price.

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